About us    

Chemtransfert was founded in 2002 through the transformation of the romanian office of the austrian Chemtrans GmbH into an autonomous company within the Chemtrans Group. At the beginning of 2005 Chemtransfert, keeping it's austro-romanian shareholder structure (currently 62% are owned by austrian investor), became fully autonomous from the investitional point if view.

Chemtransfert has had a constant linear growth based on profesionalism and a profound knowledge of the market it acts in. The before taxes profit of the company registered in the period 2003-2005 a year to year growth of 85%. For the year 2006 we can predict a record growth of 100% in comparison with the year 2005.
This was not the result of speculative operations, but was rather correlated with a plus in turnover.

The activity of Chemtransfert for our partners is based on the professional competence of the management and the operative personnel, on the reliability proved throughout the past years (not one example of unrealized or badly realized contract has occured) and on the contact network that we maintain and constantly enhance.